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OUTLIVING Eggling - Lavender


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7cm x 6cm x 6cm


Ceramic, Peat, Paper, Seeds


* Made in Japan
* Ceramic Eggling contains fortified peat mixture
* Terracotta tray
* Lavender seeds - 60% germination rate
*Plants grow for up to five months in the Eggling
* Handsome gift box


It might look and feel like an egg, but the Eggling has a secret. It won't give birth to a feathered friend, but instead hatches into a pint-sized pot plant for gardeners who don't have a lot of space (or time) at their disposal.

Growing your own plants has never been easier - everything you need comes right there in the Lavender Eggling's handsome gift box. Simply crack the top of the egg-shaped ceramic pot with a spoon and place it on the terracotta tray provided, water as instructed, and before you know it your plant will start to bloom - and the fact that it can live in the Eggling pot for up to five months before transplanting makes it a fuss-free essential for time-poor professionals. You can even shatter the used Eggling and add it to the soil of the transplanted plant as fertiliser!

Perfect for the budding green thumb, inner-city apartment dwellers, chefs, and anyone who wants to brighten up their kitchen with fresh produce

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